A totally new approach to moisturizing the skin and delivering key ingredients by working synergistically with the body.

The end result is a new delivery system that makes a newgeneration of cosmeceuticals possible.

Inspired by two time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, science energizes and restructures the water clusters to create an improved hydration process, and then links those clusters to ingredients naturally found in the lipid matrix.

H20 molecules attract each other and “associate” themselves through hydrogen bonding. This process creates a disordered, chaotic system or large cluster.

These unorganized clusters can easily bond with impurities and have a negative effect.


SmartCore science employs a unique energizing process to organize and structure smaller H20 clusters, enhancing the absorption through the cell wall.


Mimicking Skin Structure
SmartCore energized and structured H20 molecules are then linked with Phospholipids, Triglycerides, Ceramides, and Cholesterol to mimic the skin’s own lipid barrier.
The end result is a system so unique, it self-adjusts to each individual.

Soap-Free Emulsifying Delivery System
 Self-Adjusts, Adapts To Each Individual
 Improves Permeation Of Key Ingredients
 Maximizes Skin Hydration
 Time Releases Technology - Lasts All Day
 Nourishes The Lipid Barrier
 Takes A New Approach To Skin Moisturization
 Creates The Next Generation In Skin Care