Prescription Youth is a line of highly efficacious skincare products that deliver dramatic results in skin quality. At Skin Labs we take the highest quality anti-aging wrinkle reducers, using only researched backed natural ingredients that are clinically proven to work for you.

Prescription Youth is so sophisticated and powerful- it’s a hydraulic system for the skin. The SmartCore system that is formulated into each product, works by tricking the skin. It mimics your skin’s structure to prevent your skin from going into defense mode. This opens the door for special age-erasing ingredients to adhere seamlessly to your skin.

Prescription Youth was purposefully formulated with skin-identical ceramides to hydrate your skin giving it the dewy fresh youthful look. Nothing more than hydrating lipids found abundantly in the skin, these ceremides have an amazing ability to prevent water loss, serving to protect and repair your skin!

Prescription Youth also significantly improves your skin’s elasticity using a superior form of collagen. Prescription Youth has a unique ability to penetrate the skin deeply but gently with the proprietary SmartCore delivery moisturization system!


Skin Lab’s Prescription Youth Break through:

Applying same principle behind Botox, but without the needle or risk Prescription Youth’s Instant Erase Eye Serum has not one, but TWO anti-wrinkle weapons called Argireline and Gaba.
Unlike Botox, which paralyzes the muscle, Argireline is clinically proven to relax facial muscles by naturally inhibiting the release of brain neurotransmitters. It visibly reduces wrinkles in seconds, unlike Botox, which can take a few days.

The next potent natural compound in Instant Lift is called GABA. When applied topically, scientists found that it works similar to Argireline to reduce wrinkles. But it also builds collagen which helps keep your skin firm and smooth.
Your skin will have more elasticity, less sagging, and your crow’s feet and creases will be visibly reduced.